Document Management Services

As a company continues to change and grow, information management must evolve as well. However, without an efficient way of managing the growing volume of electronic information and paper, a business can be faced with problems such as low productivity, high management costs and increased compliance risk.

Businesses have increasingly discovered that spending time and money on printing and storing documents isn’t a great idea. There is a risk of documents getting damaged and lost. The ideal solution to all these is through document management services (DMS).

What is a Document Management Service?

A document management service takes a company’s content through its life cycle: from the creation of an idea that is scribbled on paper to archiving vital documents. It is:

  • The tools and technologies used to capture, handle, store, preserve and offer content across the company.
  • The power to design and manage electronic documents which can be virtually searched, viewed and printed from any printer or computer.

Five different types of document management systems

Below are some systems that have been used for some years and are constantly becoming more advanced and affordable.


This software is considered one of the best DMS out there. It aims to integrate important office solutions and suites companies use daily. One frustrating thing most users undergo is to create brand documents with different software. The process is time-consuming, but this software can help. With it, one gets to create a broad range of files within a system and manage them in one single feed.

Templafy is compatible with different devices and relies on the cloud to access documents across tablets, smartphones, and computers. Automatic compliance checks also offer feedback to employees easily.


M-Files offers users a system that can naturally manage documents, ensure essential information is kept secure always and improve internal workflows. There is one vault for many files, and one can easily find them by date, client, project, status, or any other criterion that is used.

This software also helps the user to avoid duplication – it’s prevalent to find someone with several copies of the same report. M-Files alert the user whenever a document is saved twice by analyzing the project data and names. It also offers great integrations, including Salesforce CRM and Microsoft office.


This is a solution used by some of the largest regulatory bodies in the world. It can address complex standards and regulations around the world and aims at reducing compliance cost while increasing internal efficiency. This system has the ability to fully automate functions like delivery, routing, approval, and escalation of essential documents. It also has secure and centralized archives that can search and store business files.


One excellent thing about this system is its flexibility. It lets a person collaborate and work on certain documents simultaneously with colleagues. Sharing feedback with one another becomes easy. The tool manages different aspects of workflow, so users don’t need to worry about numbering, formatting, and layout.

XaitPorter has useful tricks for integrations too. This software can work with Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Dynamics, Dropbox and OpenText. Currently, the software is being used by over 45,000 companies around the globe.


Dokmee is software that puts security and efficiency first. It provides various document management offerings one can pick from. Its entry level component is ideal for single users, but it carries the core search and index functions, sharing and organization features and the editing functionality. To get all the features, like the essential security capabilities, one needs to opt for Dokmee Professional that allows for many users.