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Deploy your web app in the Cloud

From a simple website to an enterprise web application, you can host services on the Computer.Com Platform. On our platform, you’ll be able to build a flexible solution architecture for your web apps. Get a high-performance, secure, and ready-made solution for business web services that can be deployed in minutes.

Why host your web app on Computer.Com Edge Cloud?

Flavor flexibility

Many sizes of virtual machines are always in stock and ready for agile upgrade and scaling.

Global presence

22+ locations in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Latin America.


Pay-as-you-go plans with hourly billing.
30% cheaper than the big 3 Cloud providers. CapEx to OpEx conversion.
A short time-to-market.

Easy setup

User-friendly control panel, detailed knowledge base, Terraform and API docs.
High-skilled technical support 24/7.
Ready-made environments launched in minutes.

Readiness for seasonal spikes

Guaranteed availability during Black Friday, holidays, or any other load peaks—successful promotion of your resource via integrated load balancing.

Trust and security

GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO/EIC 27001 compliance. Certified Tier III & Tier IV data centers.

DDoS protection

Advanced protection against L3, L4, and L7 DDoS attacks. Basic DDoS protection is free for virtual machines and bare metal servers.

Integrated services

A single platform with CDN, streaming, storage, security, and other edge and Cloud services.
Use flexible virtual machines and powerful bare metal servers to host your product. With classic monolithic architecture, you get Computer.Com Cloud network services, secure access, and protection against attacks. Suitable for small applications and migration of existing on-prem projects.
Flexibly manage your infrastructure at the web,  application, and database layer. Asynchronously perform system updates and patching. The three-tier architecture helps you to always be prepared for any unpleasant surprises and peak workloads by distributing tasks to different layers. Suitable for the vast majority of modern web projects deployment in the Cloud.
Microservice architecture is the most modern approach to infrastructure building. Roll out updates, roll them back, and test new features of your service without downtime. Computer.Com Managed Kubernetes helps you automate  infrastructure management. Autoscaling and auto-healing allow you to scale workloads seamlessly without your involvement and guarantee high uptime of your web apps without extra costs. Suitable for modern Cloud-native complex applications that require rapid, reliable delivery and for businesses that require 24/7 uptime, without downtime to update web apps.

Cloud services that help you smoothly and successfully manage a web service infrastructure

Focus on your web app and business development.

We take care of the infrastructure environment in any location convenient to you. 

Which service you want?