Cloud Products

Cloud Edge Services

All-in-one edge platform for better application delivery

Virtual Instances

Virtual machines with pay-as-you-go billing and customizable configurations

Computer Basic

Shared virtual machines starting from 3.7 USD

Bare Metal

Single-tenant powerful physical servers for any business need

Private Cloud

Cloud networks with unlimited intra-network traffic


Instances with Intel Software Guard Extensions designed to build secure enclave-based applications.

Cloud Storage

S3/SFTP Storage for storing your data on our servers in United States, the USA, and Asia.

Load Balancer

Traffic distribution tool for increasing reliability and capacity of applications

Data Migration

Moving to our cloud without interruptions in the activity and zero data loss

Disaster Recovery

Protection of your business IT infrastructure from downtime in the event of failures and crashes


Content Delivery Network

Secure Cloud Computing

Secure Cloud Computing services help accelerate resilience in the public cloud by offering access to cloud security experts and strategies.

Cloud File Shares

Create, access, and share files remotely in the cloud


Choose the billing plan that suits your business needs

App Marketplace

Online marketplace with ready-to-use applications

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