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Computer.Com's Storage

S3-Compatible Object Storage is a fast and scalable cloud storage system by Computer.Com’s that gives you an opportunity to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time. High-performance storage for use as a CDN origin.


Developer friendly features

Compatible with S3 tools

Availability 99.999%

High data durability

Unlimited volume

User-friendly interface

Terraform support

Extended API

24/7 technical support

Use cases

With cocloud object storage you can easily store, use and distribute any type of data.

Web development

Store static assets necessary to build and run websites, mobile applications and enterprise services.

Media files distribution

Use it to easily share heavy media files with your creative teams and globally distributed audience

Backups and archiving

Backup, restore and archive corporate data of your organization or personal data of your projects.

Data analytics

Use it to build data lakes and deploy big data analytics for your research teams.

Highly Available

We use data replication between geographically distributed data centers to provide you with a high level of data durability. Your data is duplicated at different levels of the storage architecture and has almost zero chances of getting lost.


To prevent unauthorized access to your data we use SSL encryption and advanced security policies. You can easily configure access settings for your teams and clients using the storage management console.

Locations Around The World


Integrated Content Delivery

Computer.Com’s cloud object storage is natively integrated with our content delivery network, which helps you deliver stored content to a global audience easily and with zero egress fees.

By using  Computer.Com’s distributed infrastructure, you can transfer any type of content to anywhere in the world with minimal delays.


Cost-Effective Storage

We provide you with a transparent price with no hidden fees. You only pay for the storage space you actually use, with zero setup costs and with no hardware investments.

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