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Computing with Intel SGX

Deploy zero trust applications and services on virtual machines with Intel SGX support.

What is SGX type of instance?

Confidential computing enables organizations to better protect their sensitive data when it is being actively processed by placing it in a secure, hardware-enforced area of system memory. This is primarily relevant for financial services, healthcare, government, defense and retail.

The SGX type is a virtual machine supporting Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology. Intel SGX is a set of security-related instruction codes that are built into some Intel CPUs. SGX involves encryption by the CPU of a portion of memory (the enclave). Data and code originating in the enclave are decrypted on the fly within the CPU, protecting them from being examined or read by other code, including code running at higher privilege levels such the operating system and any underlying hypervisors.

Computer Cloud VM service is supporting Intel SGX technology today.

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4+ locations with Intel SGX virtual machines

Tier IV data centers with up to 40 Gbps channels

Possibility of consolidating dedicated servers and SGX virtual machines into a single private network

Management via API and Terraform

Locations with SGX instances


Use cases

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Protect your AI and ML workloads and applications while they are running.

Cloud Infrastructure

Confidentiality of customer applications and workloads in public cloud infrastructures.

Trusted Multi-Party Compute and Analytics

Enable multiple parties to collaborate on shared data while keeping sensitive data confidential.

Secure Key Management

Use enclaves to help protect cryptographic keys and provide HSM-like functionality.


Increase privacy and security for transaction processing, consensus, smart contracts, and key storage.

Network Function Virtualization

Establish trust for virtualized network functions.







$0.13 /hour


$0.26 /hour

Available RAM
2 GiB
4 GiB
6 GiB
8 GiB
1 vCPU
2 vCPU
4 vCPU
8 vCPU

CPUs based on the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake)

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