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Cloud computing powered by
5G eSIM technology


5G eSIM solution

5G eSIM solution provides businesses and organizations with a secure, reliable, and fast way to deploy applications and connect to mobile devices via 5G networks. 

It eliminates expensive roaming fees and the need to build complicated infrastructure local networks by allowing customers to easily connect their devices and applications to the Gcore Cloud through a 5G network.

On-premises workloads rely on local networks, which can have issues with coverage, capacity, reliability, security, and handoff. 5G is a faster, more effective and more cost-effective solution due to technological advances, corporate interest, and supportive government policies. Private 5G offers better security, spectrum efficiency, and device handoffs than Wi-Fi. 

Our solution caters to businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, media and entertainment, and IoT. By leveraging the power of 5G eSIM technology and Cloud connectivity, the solution also offers a way to implement AI algorithms and applications to all connected devices, enabling new use cases and new markets.


Face recognition


Private smart factories


Smart cities


Intelligent driving


ML diagnostics

Ultra-low latency

5G's ultra-low latency powers real-time applications like video streaming, resulting in near-instantaneous communication and response times. This translates to unparalleled productivity and efficiency for customers.

Local network

Access resources in the Gcore Cloud platform via the local network on a mobile device using 5G eSIM technology.

Global presence with unlimited internet

5G eSIM network has a global presence, covering an extensive geography of 150+ countries worldwide without requiring additional roaming packages, unpredictable roaming fees, and the necessity to switch between SIM cards.

Secure and encrypted data transmission

Computer.Com 5G Cloud solution guarantees secure data transmission through advanced encryption algorithms and security protocols, allowing for controlling and managing the access of each individual SIM card.

5G eSIM Edge computing use cases

ML diagnostics

Healthcare providers can leverage 5G technology with Cloud AI platform to monitor real-time patient health data while remaining mobile remotely. Medical device images are processed on the Cloud AI platform and then returned to the device for further use.

Private smart factories

Using 5G technology in private smart factories can improve industrial automation and productivity. By monitoring device data, manufacturers can implement predictive maintenance and identify patterns that indicate potential problems or failures.

Connected IOT

The Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) platform is becoming increasingly vital in enabling intelligent driving, real-time HD maps, and improved road safety. Thanks to low latency access to Cloud infrastructure, data processing, and analytics can be run in real-time on sensor data from the vehicle, enabling secure connectivity, in-car telematics, and even autonomous driving.

Live streaming

With its ultra-low latency capabilities, the 5G Cloud platform enables the seamless live streaming of high-resolution video and high-fidelity audio, as well as the integration of interactive experiences into live video streams. Additionally, real-time video analytics enable the generation of live statistics that enhance the overall live event experience.

Secure remote access to corporate tools

The solution allows authorized individuals to securely access a company’s digital resources, data, and applications from a remote location without requiring a VPN or firewall. This is achieved by enabling access control management for each individual SIM card.

How it works


AI Infrastructure powered by cutting‑edge Graphcore IPU and NVidia GPUs.

It’s a ready-made AI infrastructure that lets you take full advantage of Graphcore IPU systems for powerful AI computing in the cloud. With it, you can quickly accelerate ML, train and compare models, or train custom code.

Build, train and deploy ready-to-use ML models via dashboard, API, or Terraform

Dataset management and integration with S3/NFS storage

Version control: Hardware, Code, Dataset

Secure Trusted Cloud platform

Free egress traffic (for public or hybrid solutions)

SLA 99.9% guaranteed uptime

High-skilled technical support 24/7

Made in the EU

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World-class performance for natural language processing

What is Computer.Com Cloud

One platform with single access with 22+ Cloud locations worldwide and 150+ points of presence.


Computer.Com’s IPU-based AI cloud is a Graphcore Bow IPU-POD scale-out cluster, offering an effortless way to enable machine intelligence computing on demand without the need for on-premises hardware deployment.

Why Graphcore IPUs

Massive Performance Leap

Much More Flexible

Easy to Use

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Cloud computing powered by
5G eSIM technology

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