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Speed up your website with Edge Network

The Edge Network platform, featuring next-gen CDN and enterprise-grade DNS service, is ready to elevate your web performance to the highest level possible.

Faster means better

Better user experience

The website user experience becomes seamless and more satisfying when all of its pages are responsive and fast-loading.

Better conversion rate

Multiple studies show that even minor gains in web page speed could increase the conversion rate by a factor of 2, 3, or more.

Better SEO

Website speed has a positive impact on user behavioral metrics and, in turn, it could bring higher results in search engine ranking.

Website acceleration as a service

Website performance is heavily determined by how quickly users’ requests will be served through the network. Edge Network ensures that all website files and assets will be delivered at maximum speed.


Improve website speed with Edge Network-gen

Reduce the distance to your users

With hundreds of Computer.Com’s edge servers worldwide we can cache copies of your website near your audience and provide the lowest page loading time possible.

Accelerate dynamic content

Our content delivery network allows you to accelerate your entire web application, including its static and dynamically-generated assets.

Establish connections faster

Our edge infrastructure is powered by our own blazing-fast DNS service, ensuring the shortest DNS lookup time for every request.

Fulfill requests perfectly

We constantly monitor and develop the infrastructure’s connectivity to prevent any network bandwidth issues and disruptions.

Optimize images on-the-fly

Built-in image optimization functionality allows you to crop, resize and convert images in WebP or AVIF formats just by adding a few query strings to the URL.

Web asset compression

Your JS and CSS files will be compressed in the cloud with GZip or Brotli algorithms, and without any additional effort required from your side.

Free plan features

HTTP/3 (beta)

Optimize web performance with HTTP-over-QUIC

Free SSL certificate

Let’s Encrypt certificate for entry-level SSL encryption

DDoS mitigation

Built-in DDoS attack mitigation at L3, L4 layers

Full-featured API

Simplify your CDN management with extended API

Easy log viewing

View and export logs via GUI or API easily

Terraform support

Easy CDN and DNS management via Terraform

Grafana support

View traffic statistics and other CDN metrics in Grafana

Cloud ecosystem

Get reduced latency with the other Computer.Com cloud services

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