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CDN optimized
for video streaming

Computer.Com CDN is an optimized solution well-suited for video on-demand (VOD) and live streaming. 

Key benefits

Deliver stutter-free playback, even for 4K video

110+ Tbps network capacity and 140+ edge locations around the globe prevent any bandwidth issues

Provide near real-time broadcasting

Supporting superfast video protocols delivers broadcasts with 0.5 to 4 seconds of latency

Protect your server during peak user activity

Top-notch infrastructure is ready to broadcast events with an audience of more than 10M viewers

Use cases

Large-scale event broadcasting

Real time broadcasting of all kinds of sports and esports competitions for a global audience.

Live streaming for mobile apps

Reliable streaming from mobile apps or for a mobile audience under any bandwidth conditions.

High-demand video hosting platforms

Smooth video playback for online cinema and video streaming services with high-resolution content.

Enterprise video conference solutions

A reliable streaming infrastructure for all kinds of corporate video conference projects.

Video CDN Features

Reduced TTFB

Deliver better video experience with near-instant playback.

RAM Caching for Live

Improve live broadcasting performance with RAM-based caching.

HTTP/3 (beta)

Reduce video rebuffer time with the newest and safest version of HTTP.

HTTP/1.1 Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE)

Transfer any part of the video chunks over the old HTTP/1.1 protocol.

Low Latency Protocols

Use Low Latency and Ultra-Low Latency streaming protocols to provide the best possible user experience.

Global Coverage

Provide fast video streaming to the most remote regions with more than 140 points of presence worldwide.

Micro-Segmented Caching

Minimize live broadcasting latency by delivering a video as micro-segments.

Restricted Access

Configure public or restricted access to a video using signed URLs, cookies, or tokens.

Origin Shielding

Prevent the origin from being overloaded during traffic surges


Use our CDN as a part of your multi-CDN environment.

Ultra-low latency live streaming

For live streaming, Computer.Com CDN ingests the video segments right from the video recording device in real time and caches them on edge servers. Caching at the edges prevents bandwidth issues and ensures a smooth video experience for the event audience.

Live streaming protocols: 



Low Latency HLS

Low Latency Chunked CMAF



Video on-demand (VOD) delivery

For video on-demand streaming, Computer.Com CDN requests the stored video from your origin server and delivers it to the globally distributed audience without interruptions and only minimal delays.

A streaming platform with additional features

Computer.Com Streaming Platform supports all stages of broadcasting, from creating and capturing videos to playback.

Transcode video to AVC H264, HEVC H265, VP9, AV1

Embed videos anywhere on the web

Computer vision to discover offensive content

Broadcast live from any source with RTMP, SRT, and WebRTC

Automatically generate video thumbnails

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