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Web Application Firewall & API Protection (WAAP)

Next-Gen WAF

API protection

Average cost


Whether or not your industry is on this list, all companies are at risk of data theft.

With the highest average cost in the healthcare industry at a staggering average of over $10 million. The financial industry ranked second, averaging almost $6 million per breach. Data breaches in the public sector ranked last, but still cost an average of $2.07  million for each attack.

You need the full-spectrum protection that WAAP solutions provide

Protect against API-specific attacks.

Don't worry about organizational risks. Your API endpoints are securely protected.

Protect against credential stuffing, account takeover (ATO), and brute-force attacks.

Stopping behavior-based attacks by checking and matching query sequences. And intelligent rate limiting to prevent botnets from overloading your resources.

Virtual patching.

Eliminate the risks of malicious exposure to zero-day attacks by patching found vulnerabilities.

Run your

Web Resources Safely

Why businesses need web security

Growing attack surface

With the growth of online business, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the number of web applications and websites that exist is growing exponentially. As the online economy increases, so do the number of web attacks.

Sensitive data protection

Keeping customers' personal, financial, and health data requires companies to take a serious approach to their data security.

Focused protection

OWASP Top-10 risks and other advanced threats are on the rise, requiring a modern NG-WAF to mitigate organizational risk.

API abuse prevention

Automated behavioral attacks—such as malicious bots and application layer (L7) DDoS—are increasing. This can lead to ATO and carding attacks, disrupting end-user experience and putting business-critical services at risk.

How WAAP works

Scans incoming traffic in real time

Verifies traffic according to an existing rule set

Score request validity based on the set weights

Blocks requests if their total score exceeds the threshold

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WAAP advantages

Protects against common threats beyond OWASP Top-10 for full coverage against emerging threats: account takeover (ATO), malicious bots, L7 DDoS, and exploitation of 0-day vulnerabilities


Detects and fight zero-day attacks using ML technologies


Tracks and blocks the use of stolen and disclosed credentials


Scans resources to detect potential vulnerabilities


Near-zero false positives


Fast deployment in any environment and easy management


Web application and API protection (WAAP) in any customer environment


Automated rulesets based on actual traffic provide business-specific security


Stay informed in real time with alerts and triggers


Near-zero latency minimizes impact on users while delivering the protection they expect


Save millions by preventing hacking and identity theft

No additional equipment, software, or changes in the application code are required. Just send a request and we’ll start protecting your web resources

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