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Computer.Com Free Public DNS

Fast, secure, and free DNS resolver that protects your privacy.


What is a public DNS resolver?

A public DNS resolver is a service that sends requests to name servers and orchestrates DNS lookup, the process that translates domain names into IP addresses.

Your public DNS resolver is most likely provided by your ISP by default. Typically, it’s slow and not very secure (so your sensitive data can be easily compromised by ISP.) We offer our fast and secure public DNS resolver that provides you with a quick response time and absolute privacy. And it’s free.


Computer.Com Public DNS improves your web experience

Computer.Com Public DNS resolver is one of the fastest in Europe (9.36 ms,) South America (5.44 ms,) and Africa (11.32 ms.)

It works over our global edge network (140+ PoPs worldwide) and delivers users the best-to-date browsing experience.


Computer.Com Public DNS keeps your privacy at the highest level

We anonymize Computer.Com DNS query logs, store them carefully in the Luxembourg Tier IV data center (under EU law,) and never transfer them to third parties.

Computer.Com Public DNS protects your infrastructure against DDoS attacks

Using our Anycast network with 140+ nodes worldwide makes our DNS service resistant to even the largest DDoS attacks. Computer.Com DNS hosting ensures your infrastructure’s availability, even for large and complex projects, traffic anomalies, and spikes.


How to get started

Just configure your network settings to use the following IP addresses as your primary and secondary DNS servers. Your users will be satisfied.

Looking for an authoritative DNS?

Check out the fast and resilient DNS hosting by Computer.Com, running over the global edge network.

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