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Edge Network

Distributed edge platform that makes your web application faster and highly available worldwide.

  • Fast Content Delivery
  • Built-in Web Security
  • Resilient DNS Service
  • Smart Image Optimization

Key Benefits

Boost web performance

Dynamic content delivery, edge DNS resolution, and smart image optimization make your app faster and more responsive than your competitors.

Rely on service availability

Powered by a rapidly growing global network, Edge Network can easily protect your server from overloading during unexpected traffic surges or denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Secure your service

Advanced access policies and incorporated TLS encryption make your sensitive data protected from unauthorized access and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Scale as you grow

The platform's cloud architecture allows you to scale your application seamlessly, even if you work in a highly loaded environment.

Global network

We invest in our global network to free you from having to buy expensive infrastructure.

140+ PoPs


110+ Tbps

network capacity

30 ms

avg. latency worldwide


avg. cache hit ratio


directly connected ISPs


directly connected IXPs

Next-gen CDN

Accelerate your web application with cutting-edge static and dynamic content delivery.

Low Latency Worldwide

With Computer.Com CDN, your users will reach your app as if the hosting is always located in the same location as they are.

Dynamic Content Acceleration

Our dynamic content acceleration makes web applications smoother and more responsive, speeding up the delivery time of generated content.

Smart Asset Optimization

Brotli, Gzip and WebP compressions significantly reduce the transferred files size.

Built-in web security

Protect your web application from unauthorized access and different denial-of-service (DDoS) attack vectors.

Web protection by Computer.Com Network


Resilient DNS service

Computer.Com DNS is an enterprise-grade DNS service delivering blazing-fast DNS resolution and mission-critical availability.

Anycast DNS

Edge DNS resolution

Advanced Computer.Com DNS

DNS Failover


Smart image optimization

Image Stack by Gcore is a cloud-based image optimization tool that helps website owners and web developers simplify their working routines. It helps cut bandwidth costs and improve user experience by just applying small changes in URL query strings and your website settings.

WebP, AVIF formats

Availability 99.999%

Image cropping

Image resizing

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