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Real-Time Video & WebRTC

Infrastructure for storing and broadcasting video. Scale to 100+ million viewers and beyond.

FREE 50K minutes

Credited every month

100K+ Viewers

Scalable solution and restreaming

Web, IOS, Android

Simple SDK and API

Workflow ready

Scale with us if you have your own WebRTC solution.

And use our infrastructure with open source demos if you need to build a new real-time video conferencing service from scratch.

Build real-time communication into your Web, iOS, Android, React Native apps.




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Simple steps to start

Step 1

Generate ID of the room

Input any name of the room you wish

Init the room

Initialize the room in code of Web Demo


Step 2

Initialize the room in code of Web Demo

Initialize the room in code of Web Demo

<iframe src="https://​​call/?roomId=CalmDayAcquire" allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; display-capture; autoplay;screen-wake-lock" ></iframe>

Step 3

Give permission to use cam & mic

SDK will ask or a permission to use cam and mic, and will prepare all necessary actions to work with them. We prepare adaptive bitrate for devices and bandwidth automatically.

Look at our open source demos & howto:

Step 4

Copy the link and send to a friend

Why Computer.Com?

  • Video conferencing for 2 – 100,000 participants
  • No-code or…
  • API & SDK for web, iOS/Android, enterprise web VS portal
  • Improvements align with your requirements
  • Compliance with enterprise security policies
  • Worldwide CDN & Cloud from same provider
  • Not easy integration of various services
  • Billing for everything x3
  • License per host
  • Not the optimal cost for webinars with 300+ participants
  • Legacy SDK
  • No custom improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

How many attendees can be in one room simultaneously?

From 2 to 100,000+.
We don’t use CDN for video calls service as it’s a pure WebRTC, which doesn’t need caching. To connect you with attendees from all over the globe at real-time latency. To provide life-like talking with your colleagues or webinar viewers at the QA session.
But still, even without CDN infrastructure, our video calls have the greatest stability and power. Your website or application won’t crash even if there are 100 000+ viewers as we develop a special redundancy technology to divide viewers between WebRTC-servers.

Where are the video calls servers located?

We use our own infrastructure. That means – we can set up video call servers for you in any location where Gcore has Cloud service.
By default, we have servers in Ashburn (to cover the USA), Luxembourg (to cover Europe) and Singapore (to cover Asia).
If you want something closer to your attendees, check the map and send us a request.

How to integrate video calls into the website or application?

The simplest way is to embed Video calls room on your website/or web application like an iframe.
Example of an iframe code:

allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; display-capture; autoplay;screen-wake-lock" 

Then video calls will work just in the browser inside of your application. There won’t be any need for viewers to download a thing. Just open the page and connect to the call.

Read the detailed Manual on different integration ways here.

Is there any option to manage and moderate the call?

Yes, we provide a Moderator mode.
You can choose one (or more) person to play the role of a moderator in your call/webinar.


These persons have the power to:
-kick attendees with inappropriate behaviour out of the room
-switch off noisy attendees’ microphones or video
-allow/not attendees to join the call (we have a waiting room)
-allow attendee with a switched-off mic to speak by their request and many more


Read more on how to enable and manage a Moderator role here.

Is there an API or SDK?

We have an API which can allow you to do anything you want with our video calls – for instance, maybe you don’t want to use our UI at all. With API requests you can build your own design and add features depending on your needs.

Our API is published here. And don’t hesitate to ask the support team if you have any questions.

For those who prefer mobiles, we have an SDK, located on our GitHub.
The Android demo is here.
The iOS demo is here.
The React native demo is here.

How is the price calculated?

We calculate the price by the number of minutes your users spend in the rooms. Per each user.
There’s a specific price for 1 min – $0.003.
For example, 2 users have spent 5 minutes in one room. As you’re billed for each user, it’s 5×2×$0.003=0.03$
We’re charging per month. That means, if one month there was only one video call between 2 users for only 5 mins – you pay only for that.
If next month you expand to 100 users each talking for 100 mins in different rooms, you’ll pay 100users×100mins×$0.003=30$
So, it depends on your consumption. You don’t pay for more than you’ve spent.

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