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DNS Hosting

Fast and resilient DNS hosting service by Gcore. Improve the performance and availability of your online business.


Average latency around the world


Average latency in USA

Global, Scalable DNS

Superior performance

Minimal response times globally helps ensure your applications load at superfast speeds and without issues – which is exactly what your users expect.

Mission-critical availability

Keep your services available and responsive in case of DDoS attacks, maintenance errors, and other incidents.

Improved productivity

Optimize your DevOps experience with an extended API that contains many useful integrations, all immediately ready for deployment.

Anycast Routing

We use Anycast routing to enhance our DNS infrastructure at a global scale.

Anycast assigns the same IP to all geographically distributed servers, which allows the nearest server to instantly answer all requests.


GeoDNS Functionality

With our DNS hosting, you can achieve greater performance for your online services by employing a GeoDNS mechanism able to give custom DNS answers based on the client’s geographical location – for example, to send users from Asia to an Asian server, and European users to a European one.

GeoDNS can be configured by geo coordinates, IP, ASN, country, or continent.


DDoS Protected

Using our Anycast network with hundreds of nodes globally makes our DNS hosting service secure and resistant to even the largest DDoS attacks.

DNS Failover

DNS failover helps your business services stay available even in case of a server outage. We use health checks between our global infrastructure and your servers to ensure they are available before giving them DNS responses.

If one of your servers goes down, our failover system will automatically redirect your user requests to an available server, without affecting the performance or uptime of your service.


Developer friendly DNS

Terraform and OctoDNS

Easy DNS management with our API and standard configuration as code tools


Automatic issuing of Wildcard Let's Encrypt certificates to solve DNS01 challenge

External DNS

Automatic management of DNS records via Kubernetes resources

Developer friendly DNS

Anycast DNS​

DNS resolution at the edge

DNS failover (beta)

Advanced GeoDNS

Weighted load balancing

CNAME Flattening​

DDoS protection

Zero-latency updates

Minimum TTL: 1 sec

IPv4, IPv6

Vanity nameservers

Advanced and simplified UI

Two-factor authentication

Extended API

Billing plans

Prices do not include VAT or TAX. 

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