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Video streaming Infrastructure for
online education

Live video API built to deliver a better learning experience worldwide.


Deliver high-quality learner experience with video streaming anywhere in the world

Computer.Com’s ready-to-use streaming infrastructure is designed to help e-learning platforms, LMS’s, and LXPs deliver a high-quality educational experience anywhere in the world, on any device. Our infrastructure is meant to help you increase user engagement by avoiding a poor quality experience.
We reduce load time, even in limited bandwidth environments. Our technology’s fast deploy & seamless integration into any video process reduces the time you need to get set up and running.

Key benefits

Go live in minutes instead of months

Shorten your time to market with our one-click setup, complete SDKs & detailed APIs. Build an immersive viewer experience with a customized look & feel, simply by copying an iframe into your website.

High-quality user experience with minimum delay

Provide uninterrupted, real-time student-teacher interactions by enabling low-latency content delivery on any device in HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Instant & large-scale viewer increase

Scale from 1 to 100 million active viewers automatically in no time on a worldwide scope. Deliver video equally quickly anywhere your viewers are, at home or on the go, through our global CDN.

Reduced workflow cost

Save on storage & CDN costs by providing your own VOD content library and paying only for the exact number of streamed minutes, with no compromises on the video quality due to our FREE adaptive bitrate encoding.

Teams and Zoom are great for meetings. Our infrastructure is tailor-made to build e‑learning applications from scratch.

Customization and white label options

No external apps: an infrastructure for meetings, livestreaming, and video storage

No 40-minute call limit

Flexible rates

All-purpose infrastructure for frictionless virtual learning

Expand beyond the classroom. Reach any learner, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Schools and universities

Allow students to access course materials, watch lectures, and take part in one-on-one and group sessions from anywhere, at any time. This can be particularly beneficial for students who can’t attend in-person classes due to timetable, distance or COVID restrictions, to name a few examples.

Online courses

Share your pre-recorded classes with millions of students around the world and host online classes to deliver an interactive learning experience. Whether you’re a small design school or an international language learning platform, your courses can become available to anyone around the world.

Fitness industry

Attract more customers by providing a convenient solution for people to stay active and healthy from the comfort of their own homes. Keep all your videos in the secure and easy-to-search library or stream real-time workouts with minimal latency.

Corporate training

Save money on in-person training by providing an effective way for your employees to access educational materials and to participate in online learning. This can be especially useful for companies that have employees working remotely or in different locations.

Features to create
high-quality, secure & accessible content


Customized UX/UI to fit your brand identity

Add branded colors and your logo, virtual backgrounds, and additional playback & chat features in the player

Playback on any device

Stream your videos horizontally or vertically to any device, be it a mobile phone, web browser, or a smart TV

Content security

Set viewing permissions to protect your content from unauthorized access and viewing

Easy and instant user access

Let your users join classes directly from your website or app without third-party services or an additional login

Real-time insights

Get insight into your audience during the event or analyze the viewing experience by downloading the detailed report right after

Grab your audience’s attention with
low-latency livestreaming

Low-latency streaming for any educational content: lectures, webinars, virtual classes, and live workouts in real time to provide a more interactive learning experience.

Store, manage and organize VOD content with no limits

Limitless VOD storage, advanced VOD technology without development costs, and a user-friendly content management interface for you and your viewers.

Create interaction with your viewers during webinars and classes

Real-time video conferencing for 1-to-1s or for groups without any delays, ensuring smooth and seamless communication.

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