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Secure Block Storage (SBS)

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Secure Block Storage (SBS)

Atlantic.Net's Block Storage volumes allow you to easily attach additional storage to your Atlantic.Net Cloud Servers. You can use Secure Block Storage (SBS) for your file, database, application, and backup storage needs. Designed for 100% availability, Secure Block Storage (SBS) is automatically replicated multiple times to protect your data from component failure. You can increase storage on-the-fly and move your SBS between your Cloud Servers within the same region.

SBS Specifications:


High Performance

Combining the capacity of enterprise hard drives with NVMe SSD drives, SBS offers the perfect balance of capacity and performance for any storage needs.

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High Availability

Designed for 100% availability, Secure Block Storage (SBS) volumes are automatically replicated multiple times across a redundant and highly available cluster of storage servers to protect your data from component failure.



Add, attach, detach, and move your SBS between your Cloud Servers in the same region for the perfect mix of compute and storage for your files, databases, applications, and backups.



Increase cloud block storage space by dynamically scaling each of your Secure Block Storage (SBS) up to 16TB.



Secure Block Storage (SBS) volumes are automatically encrypted at rest and are connected to your Cloud Server over an isolated storage network.


Simple Pricing

Straight-forward, all-inclusive pricing: 7.9 cents per GB per month. Volume and term discounts are available.


Users have full control to build and scale their larger applications and storage needs, with automatic encryption, a simple pricing model, and 11x the performance of other providers.


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Hosting Available In Multiple Data Centers


Award-Winning Service

Award Winning Service

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"After evaluating a range of managed hosting options to support our data operations, we chose Atlantic.Net because of their superior infrastructure and extensive technical knowledge."


- Erin Chapple

General Manager for Windows Server, Microsoft Corp.

"Atlantic.Net’s support for Windows Server Containers in their cloud platform brings additional choice and options for our joint customers in search of flexible and innovative cloud services."

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