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Free VPS Hosting Tier includes:

G2.1GB Cloud VPS Free to Use for One Year 50 GB of Block Storage Free to Use for One Year 50 GB of Snapshots Free to Use for One Year

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/ VPS WordPress Hosting

Cloud VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress hosting from Atlantic.Net allows customers to design, manage, and deploy secure, high-performance websites on a WordPress virtual private server in seconds.

The Atlantic.Net VPS Cloud offers simplicity, security, scalability, and reliability to improve WordPress performance and reduce costs, built upon our ultra-high-speed hosting environment, with fast SSDs and redundant storage.

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One-Click WordPress Hosting

In less than 30 seconds, you can launch Atlantic.Net’s One-Click WordPress application into one of our seven data center locations. Our One-Click WordPress VPS hosting solution is configured with an up-to-date Linux operating system, a secure MySQL database, an Apache Web Server frontend, and with the PHP scripting language optimized for security and performance. You get root access to the server and full access to the control panel.

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100% Uptime SLA

Atlantic.Net WordPress Servers come with a 100% Uptime SLA which includes the following:
Scale Up

Scale Up Your Cloud Server

With Atlantic.Net WordPress VPS Hosting you can feel confident that when your business needs more resources to power your Server, with a simple click or API call you can increase the processing, memory, and storage to scale up your WordPress site.
Icon_Daily Cloud Backup

Daily Cloud Backup

We'll automatically back up everything stored on your WordPress server once per day for 20% of the server price. There is a minimum $1.00 USD Backup charge. The backups are enabled by a simple checkbox, and for an additional fee, backup data can be replicated to any Atlantic.Net data center.
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Snapshots save a point-in-time copy of your Cloud Server's local storage. You can use Snapshots to restore your server to the point-in-time when the snapshot was taken, transfer a copy of your snapshot to another location, or create a new server from a snapshot making it easier for you to configure a geo-redundant WordPress site.

Freedom and Flexibility

We believe in allowing our members freedom and flexibility with hourly and monthly VPS WordPress hosting pricing and discounted pricing with longer-term commitments. No Contract Required! The cost-effectiveness of operating a WordPress server in the cloud simply cannot be matched.
Icon_RAID 10 Cloud Storage

RAID-10 Cloud Storage

Atlantic.Net’s highly redundant architecture keeps your VPSes and apps alive even when components misbehave. Supported by storage-optimized servers with impressive disk performance, our VPS hosting plans are ready to handle I/O intensive applications.
VPS plans also include options for flexible disk storage sizes, types, and speeds, including super-fast local Solid-State Disk (SSD) storage and extensive, flexible, and robust Secure Block Storage (SBS). You can allocate up to 4TB of SSD storage locally or up to 16 TB using SBS.
Icon WordPress VPS IP Address

WordPress VPS IP Address

Our VPS hosting includes one public IPv4 address per server and one private IPv4 range of addresses as a standard. Additional Public IPv4 addresses are available for $2.19/month ($0.003/hour). Additionally, IPv6 IPs are also available in select data centers.
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Improved Performance With Guaranteed Resources

Guaranteed, dedicated resources. Atlantic.Net WordPress VPS offers guaranteed system resources 24/7. We not only guarantee access to the CPU cycles you are paying for when you need them, but you can also burst to use additional CPU cycles when they are not in use.


Power and scale web applications easily using Atlantic.Net's RESTful Application Program Interface. for VPS hosting.
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Fully Managed Service

Do you only want to manage the content of your site and have someone else handle the operating system, security updates, and performance of your site? If so, we offer an array of fully managed services for your WordPress VPS. With our managed services you get access to an expert team of engineers ready to keep your server updated, secure, optimized, and highly available. Please contact our Sales team to learn more about how managed services will save you time and provide you with the peace of mind to focus on your business.
Icon_Simple Licensing

Simple Licensing

With the Atlantic.Net one-click application, there are no license fees to consider. Nothing, Zero. The WordPress virtual private server is a completely open-source platform, meaning it costs you absolutely nothing to license.
Our WordPress VPS hosting options are available in a large range of configuration plans; small, medium, or large setups, compute with high memory availability, others with multiple high-end CPU configurations. Get started today with a free trial!

A Support Team Backed by Decades of Experience

With over two decades of experience, our support team is always here to assist you. You'll have 24/7/365 access to a crop of dedicated veterans, capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

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Turning-up a WordPress

VPS server is as simple as 123…

2. On the Add Server Page: Give your server a Name, click on the Applications tab and select WordPress, choose your Datacenter location, Choose a server plan, and if you want to add an SSH or Cloud backups.

3. Now click create server and it will be ready in under 30 seconds

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Award-Winning Service

Award Winning Service

Hosting Available In Multiple Data Centers


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"Atlantic.Net’s support for Windows Server Containers in their cloud platform brings additional choice and options for our joint customers in search of flexible and innovative cloud services."

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